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About Us

Our company’s approach is unique. We understand the interrelated nature of the soil gasses and water under and around your home. They share the same pathways and changing one can significantly impact the other. Our expertise in Radon Mitigation,Water Proofing, Sump Pump and Backup Pump Systems makes us uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive, long-term solutions that other service companies simply can’t. Our clients don’t need to try to manage and coordinate 2 or 3 separate service firms that can miss or ignore serious interrelated problem areas.

We consider our client satisfaction to be our greatest asset.

We are a dedicated and successful local small business, committed to providing 100% total client satisfaction, since 1994.

We offer quality workmanship and materials installed by Illinois state licensed technicians and skilled craftsman, on every project. We also ensure proper system engineering focused on providing low energy usage and the lowest possible Radon levels.

We have the lowest documented post mitigation radon levels in Illinois over 2006, ‘07, ‘08 with 82.5% at 1.0pCi/l or less and 97% at 2.0pCi/l or less.

Accurate Safety Solutions removes and recycles all used, discarded or replaced materials & equipment.

We Provide Preventative Maintenance and follow up Radon Testing Programs, with Lifetime Warranties. Dedicated to provide accurate, quality service and to exceed your expectations.


What makes us Unique

We aren't just going green we have been for a long time. Click to see our weekly garbage output.

We service the vast majority of the Chicago area, from as far north as Woodstock, IL to as far south as Channahon, IL. We have even taken some jobs as far as Rockford and Sandwich. Please click here for a list of Towns that we service.

We take great interest in our community. Click here to see some of what we do to contribute.


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