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Our Green Side

We have always worked to minimize our impact on the environment.  We do this in several ways.

Our systems are properly sized for every home or building so that the ongoing energy costs are as low as possible and our clients enjoy the cost savings forever. 

We remove all packing materials and debris created during our systems installation from our client’s premises.  This way not only is the jobsite left clean, but we can insure that everything possible is recycled or reused because we are the ones that do it.

As you can see here, our weekly curbside recycling output far exceeds our trash output.

Our Green Side


Electronic Components are recycled through a specialized electronics recycling company.
Materials such as Alkaline Batteries are disposed of through a hazardous waste program.
Steel, Copper, Aluminum, and Batteries are all collected and delivered to a scrap dealer.
Cardboard Boxes and Packing Materials are donated to clients who are moving out (e-mail us if you need boxes), local packing/shipping businesses, or curbside recycling.
Plastics and Styrofoam depart for their next lives in our curbside recycling.


What makes us Unique

We don't just take care of our garbage we are also very energy and environmentally concious click here to see more.

We service the vast majority of the Chicago area, from as far north as Woodstock, IL to as far south as Channahon, IL. We have even taken some jobs as far as Rockford and Sandwich. Please click here for a list of Towns that we service.


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