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Radon 101, the basics

Radon is a completely natural radioactive gas emitted from the Earth. Some trace amounts of Radon are present in every home in Illinois. Radon is formed during the radioactive decay of uranium as it is turned into lead over billions of years. Uranium was most likely deposited in the upper Midwest by glaciers during the last ice age. As Radon leaves the ground outside it is quickly dissipated and diluted into the atmosphere. When Radon comes up under a home or building, it passes slowly through the structure and becomes concentrated into higher levels before eventually reaching the atmosphere.

Breathing higher concentrations greatly increase the risk of radioactive alpha particles damaging the
DNA in our lungs. This DNA damage makes radon a proven Class A Carcinogen and can potentially
cause lung cancer in some individuals. Radon is the number one cause of lung cancer among non-tobacco users. It also significantly increases the potential cancer risk for smokers and those exposed to secondary tobacco smoke. According to the World Health Organization and US EPA, “ There is no safe level of Radon.”

It is agreed that most radon induced lung cancer occurs in people living in homes with radon levels below today’s mandatory “action levels” It is up to every homeowner to decide for yourselves if a radon reduction system is appropriate for your home and family. A properly installed system can effectively reduce radon levels in almost any home or building. In Illinois, homes with levels of 4.0pCi/l or higher are considered “Failing” and will need to be fixed prior to being put on the market and sold.


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We service the vast majority of the Chicago area, from as far north as Woodstock, IL to as far south as Channahon, IL. We have even taken some jobs as far as Rockford and Sandwich. Please click here for a list of Towns that we service.


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