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Our Sump Pump Systems

Our sump installations offer Five Levels of Redundancy to avoid single points of failure. These include Pumps, Power, Circuits, Discharge Paths, and Switches.

Main Pumps:
We use of of two main pump systems, depending on the situation. Normally we use a Zoeller half horsepower M-98. Capable of high capacity water movement this commercial grade work-horse is slightly larger than our other main pump but has an integrated float. We also use Basement Prosystems S3050 half horsepower pump which is capable of the same water movement capablilitys but has an external float. This means extra wires coming out of your pit. The S3050 has a narrower base to fit in narrower sump pits and pits that taper.

Back-up Systems:

We usually install a pro-series 2400 system, which integrates a smart AC charger (to extend battery life and run pump if power is available), a redundant float system, high capacity back-up pump, and easy to use interface module. The system will beep at regular intervals if for any reason (other than the regular self-test of the back-pump) the system is activated or detects a problem. It is capable of measuring battery charge, detecting certain battery errors, and will notify you if your main pump is failing not due to electrical problems.

High Water Alarms:

We have high water alarms available for customers who feel a back-up system is unnecessary. These alarms are capable of sounding an alarm at about 87 decibels. This means that in most houses the alarm can be heard clearly fron anywhere inside.


What makes us Unique

We aren't just going green we have been for a long time. Click to see our weekly garbage output.

We service the vast majority of the Chicago area, from as far north as Woodstock, IL to as far south as Channahon, IL. We have even taken some jobs as far as Rockford and Sandwich. Please click here for a list of Towns that we service.


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