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Radon mitigation/reduction systems work by vacuuming the soil gasses (radon, odors, humidity, mold spores, etc.) out of the earth in crawl spaces and under basement foundations they enter the home. The gasses are then routed outside the home living/breathing space and safely discharged above roof level.

Our systems are powered by a quiet in-line turbine fan/motor that runs continuously and remains a permanent part of the home or building. Homes with radon mitigation systems will almost always have lower radon levels than the other homes on the same street that “don't have a radon problem”. They will also generally have better overall indoor air quality including fewer basement odors, lower humidity levels, and fewer mold/mildew problems.

Accurate Safety Solutions’ systems are custom designed to meet the individual needs of our clients and how they live in their homes or buildings. We engineer our systems to provide the most effective radon reduction with the least amount of energy consumption.

Our approach delivers energy efficiency, low radon levels, and quiet systems. This not only saves our clients money, but can potentially saves lives as well!


What makes us Unique

We aren't just going green we have been for a long time. Click to see our weekly garbage output.

We service the vast majority of the Chicago area, from as far north as Woodstock, IL to as far south as Channahon, IL. We have even taken some jobs as far as Rockford and Sandwich. Please click here for a list of Towns that we service.


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